Chase dreams

TODO is a dream born from the desire to communicate the values in which we believe. The dream came true. A magical world that feeds a vision of joy and hope, to offer our children a better world than what we found.

TODO is the beating heart of King Union Europe. We have gathered our international experience, matured in the luxury packaging sector, and transformed our expertise in the processing of natural and sustainable raw materials, to create a child-friendly world.

An exciting challenge, but stimulating and strongly desired. A mission that since 2016 we carry forward with enthusiasm and the joy of the child that is in each one of us.

We wanted to create an educational product, sustainable and made exclusively in Italy. To do so we have involved in the production  social cooperatives committed to supporting and integrating disabled people into the world of work. Because we believe that each one of us is differently equal to the other and may make an important contribution to the lives of all.

We wanted to, and we did.


A magic reality

The Cartomondo TODO represents the child-friendly reality. Each game is made of recyclable and ecological cardboard to promote the value of eco-sustainability.

All toys in TODO cardboard are complete with a watercolor palette, printed in dry offset on a durable and practical coated paper sheet. Once the 3D puzzle is built, the child can paint the adventures with the colors that best express his emotions and his fantastic view of the world around him.

Developed to promote the fun and attitudes of children, TODO games encourage imagination. And when your baby grows up, the range of models available will accompany him to build more complex games for even more engaging and creative experiences.