Colors help to light emotions, stimulate the creativity and make every little adventure real. Once the 3D puzzle is built, coloring will guide kids through universes full of fantasy and magical simplicity.

Developed to have fun and promote the skills of kids, all TODO cardboard toys are complete with watercolor palette, printed in dry offset on a resistant and practical coated paper sheet.

acquerelli magici

Cyan, magenta and yellow compositions (without black) are natural and safe. Just moisten the brush with a little bit water and pass it on the color to make all magic. Mixing different colors and creating imaginative chromatic variations, amuses the children very much, who can color and laugh in the company of their parents.

Since childhood, the use of brushes allows children to acquire a great motor sense of hand. It will help them to make the use of pens and markers easier, when they want to try creative tests on a blank sheet.The brushes are not included in the package, in this way parents can choose the most suitable tool in the development of the creativity of the child.


giochi cartone colorati